Geoff Short, Special Event Music Entertainer
Geoff Short, Special Event Music Entertainer

My Surprise Cleveland Trip

A Look at “Ragtime” at Near West Theatre (by CallBackCleveland)

I’m so proud to be a part of this amazing production at Near West Theatre.  I’m playing Coalhouse Walker,Jr.  Here is a video I produced looking at our production.

David Guetta - Nothing But The Beat, the movie (by davidguetta)

My article for for today!

My latest Piece for Mobile  Take away their pain!

Jerry Bruno Productions Live at MobileBeat 2012 | Las Vegas Riviera Hotel (by storymixmedia)

Scott E Jones and I used Storymix while in Vegas at the Mobile Beat Show. If you don’t know about Storymix, check them out online at It’s a fun inexpensive “NOVELTY” service for Brides & Grooms. Its a novelty type video service your GUESTS can use - kind of like putting disposable cameras on tables (NOT meant to replace any professional service at all). Guests can download the app on their phones - shoot short vid clips during the reception and upload them to the service.  Then the service sends an edited version to the client!  We tried it out in Vegas…

Focusing on new friends…that I’ll never see again.

My latest article for Mobile Beat.   A couple performance (not gear) tips for gig mishaps. Be prepared!  Don’t be a trumpet-butt!

My latest piece for Mobile Beat- Why DJing is a performing art. Are you an artist?

Is DJing a performing art?  If it were considered a performing art by our clients – that is, if DJs were considered artists – our profession could be elevated to a point where we could overcome stigmas of DJs being no more than glorified serving staff or musical bartenders (no disrespect to serving staff or, particularly, bartenders, without whom I’m sure I could not live). Then could corresponding prices be far behind?

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